In today’s market, having accurate knowledge is critical in making any real estate decision. Contact us to learn more about the current rental or sales markets for your property. 

We can help you decide whether it makes financial sense to sell, lease or hold onto your property.  We’ll visit your property, assess its market or rental value and report our findings back to you.  If desired, we can make suggestions about how you can enhance the property’s rental or sales value.  We also provide information on the current selling environment.  Our staff has extensive experience and training in property management, leasing, and real estate brokerage.

Verbal reports are free!

Additional Written Option(s):

 Written Rental Opinion of Value report:                   $50.00*

Written Broker Opinion of Value Sales Report            $75.00*

Written Sell versus Lease Analysis Report:               $95.00*

 Written Pre-Purchase Due Diligence Report              Call to discuss

 *If you hire our company to lease, manage, or sell your property, we will refund the above fee back to you.



Let us help you make the best decision for you and your property!


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