Locating the perfect property for your investment can be a challenging task. Let us assist you in evaluating the potential benefits and drawbacks of a particular property.  Smart investors verify their investment assumptions before they buy.  The quality of your pre purchase due diligence can help you select the superior investment over a mediocre property.  We can:

  • Help you determine if your rent assumptions are accurate based on the local market
  • Evaluate expenses to determine if significant deferred maintenance issues exists
  • Help you develop a capital budget to plan for major expenses
  • Evaluate whether the property can be repositioned in the market place to increase profit
  • Confirm that the zoning and existing licenses are appropriate for the property
  • Assist you in protecting the properties “grand fathered status”
  • Determine if active code violations exist for the property
  • Work with your property inspector to ensure that previous repairs and improvements were permitted

Failure to do a thorough due diligence review before you buy will cost you time and money! Let us help you make an informed real estate decision.

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