Our Property Management and Leasing Services

Alliance Property Services is dedicated to creating and maintaining the financial success of your property. Our professional property management has more than 20 years in successfully managing and leasing properties. Alliance Property Services can reduce your potential legal liabilities through superior management skill and knowledge. Our experience also gives you peace of mind as we understand the importance of protecting the value of your asset.Whether you are an experienced manger or new to owning investment property, we have a program to fit your needs.


With Alliance Property Services there are two options you can choose when considering property management:


Professional Leasing Service

This service is designed to remove the hassle of searching for best tenant. Let us do all the leg work of looking for the next tenant to rent your valuable property.


After visiting and evaluating your property, we’ll locate potential tenants through advertising, personally showing your property, and thoroughly screening all applicants. Once we locate the right tenant for your property, we’ll complete the final stages of the application process which includes a pre move-in check and signing the attorney prepared lease.


Once the tenant has moved in, you’ll take manage the property from that point forward. You’ll work on all the daily and monthly management duties. This includes completing regular maintenance, responding to all emergency service repairs, and collecting rent.

Complete Management Services

All features of the Professional Leasing Service are included with our Complete Management Services. Our full service model goes the extra mile in serving our customers. We take care not only of all the leasing services already mentioned, but we’ll continue work for you throughout the duration of the lease.


Alliance Property Services will manage your property through collecting monthly rent, resolving maintenance issues, answering after-hours emergency calls and speaking directly with the tenant on lease issues after the property is occupied. Using our Complete Management Services is the best way to not only locate a tenant for your property but to keep them there as well!


Through the years of real estate ebbs and flows, property management has been an important part of our business. We are experienced in finding tenants for our clients and responsibly managing the properties in our care. 


Choose one of our professional service options: